MJ Double Socket 22.5 Deg Bend


MJ Double Socket 22.5 Deg Bend

Flange drilling to ISO7005-2/EN1092-2
WRAS certification

SYI Item Size Bolt [T Type] pressure
[mm] Size No.
SYI-MMK22MJ80 DN80*22.5° M20x90 6 PN10/PN16
SYI-MMK22MJ100 DN100*22.5° M20x90 6 PN10/PN16
SYI-MMK22MJ150 DN150*22.5° M20x90 8 PN10/PN16
SYI-MMK22MJ200 DN200*22.5° M20x90 10 PN10/PN16
SYI-MMK22MJ250 DN250*22.5° M20x105 12 PN10/PN16
SYI-MMK22MJ300 DN300*22.5° M20x105 14 PN10/PN16


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