Repair Clamps

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–  MF type pipe connection
–  GR Toothed ring type pipe connection
–  RC open-type repair clamp
–  RCH Folding type repair clampclamp04
–  RCD DoubleCard repair clamp
–  RCE pipe repair clamp
–  CR Single band repair clamp
–  CR Double band repair clamp
–  CR-T band diverging Tee
–  ZR Single band repair clamp
–  ZR Double band repair clamp
–  H-minitype repair clamp
–  Widely Straight Coupling

Pipe Repair Clamp


Multifunctional pipe connections and repair clamp characteristics

Product characteristics: Flexible connection, Strong corrosion resistance, Without welding, No fire, Save space, Apply to all kinds of material of the pipes, Take pressure sealing, Convenient installation.clamp01

Application field: The surface and underground engineering, shipbuilding/sea oil platform, water, gas/natural gas supply, power, industrial production, sewage treatment and maintenance, etc.

Use line: Crude oil pipeline, gas pipelines, natural gas pipelines, give/drainage pipeline, aviation/car special line, lubricating oil pipeline, slag line, take mud straws line, blunt water power line, cable protection pipeline, sea water/freshwater pipeline, pipe, ari conditioning turbine machine pipes, fire pipeline, pipe, compressed air ventilation pipe, etc.

* Generality
Suitable for any pipes, can connect different material, axial different diameter, different pipeline, adapter to the fast

* Economical efficiency
Tube not processing can be connected, the wall is thin, wall thickness control all can use it. Easy installation, greatly reduce the construction cost.

* Reliability
The axial displacement of deflection Angle and compensate, apron lips of structure can be increased with pressure sealing effect improves.


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