Couplings & Flanged Adaptors


SYI designs and manufactures complete series of Couplings and Flanged adaptors according to EN14525,
ANSI/AWWA C219 and other major standards.
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Couplings & Flanged Adaptors


Couplings and Flanged Adaptors, are used to join the pipes of various materials:
ductile iron, gray iron, steel, PVC-U, PE, fibre-cement or other rigid materials with wide range tolerance on O.D. and fully flexibility. And the body of couplings and flanged adaptors is made from ductile iron, the sealing gaskets is E.P.D.M. / NBR / SBR, in accordance with EN 14525, ANSI/AWWA C219 and our own design. The perfect performance makes them to be used more and more popular in repair or permanent situations of the pipelines for water, other liquids, or gas, with or without pressure, installed below or above ground. And the special couplings and adaptors for the given materials or uses make the performances further more professional.


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