★ Loosing Flanged Fittings ★

Loosing flanged fittingsLoosing-Flanged-Fittings_01

Flange drilling to ISO7005-2/EN1092-2
WRAS certification
Body: ductile iron             Loosing flange: ductile iron


Assembled with rotatable flange, applied by FBE coated (Fusion Bonded Epoxy).


• Newly designed, less weight
• Universal connection applied to multi flanged drilling
• Loosing flange freely rotated around the pipe axis before jointing, much more convenient to install.

>>  Loosing Flanged 90 Deg Bend

>>  Loosing Flanged 45 Deg Bend

>>  Loosing Flanged 22.5 Deg Bend

>>  Loosing Flanged 11.25 Deg Bend

>>  All Loosing Flanged Tee

>>  Loosing Flanged Spigot