★ Express Joint Fittings (EX) ★

Express Joint Fittings (EX)Expression-Joint-Fittings(EX)_02

Flange drilling to ISO7005-2/EN1092-2 法兰孔标准
WRAS certification.


Body: ductile iron                   Gland: ductile iron
Gasket: EPDM                        Hooked bolts & nuts: ductile iron


• Newly designed, less weight
• Easy to install & dismantle
• Flexible connection and rigid connection at the same time
• Excellent anti-extract performance
• Slight offset of centerline allowed

>>  EX Loosing Flanged Socket

>>  EX Double Socket Collar

>>  EX Double Socket 90 Deg Bend

>>  EX Double Socket 45 Deg Bend

>>  EX Double Socket 22.5 Deg Bend

>>  EX Double Socket 11.25 Deg Bend

>>  EX Double Socket Tee with Loosing Flanged Branch