Quality Control-draft

*  ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

*  Inspection System: Self Inspection, Mutual Inspection and Professional Inspection

*  Overall Quality Inspection: raw materials incoming inspection, semi-finished products inspection, specimen testing, products testing




An independent Quality Control is supervised directly by General Manager and responsible for following duties:

* Physical and chemical analysis, dimension measurement, weighting and other inspection of the raw material and finished products.

* Particular test for different products.

* Visual measurement and conformation to standards.

* Identifying, recording and disposing of rejected material.

  • SYI-QC-01
    Spectrum Analysis
  • SYI-QC-02Chemical Components Analysis
  • SYI-QC-03Tensile Strength Test
  • SYI-QC-04Micro-structure Test
  • SYI-QC-05Hardness Test
  • SYI-QC-06Coating Thickness Measurement
  • SYI-QC-07PT(Penetration Test)
  • SYI-QC-08Hydraulic Pressure Testing
  • SYI-QC-09Permanent Set and Load Test
  • SYI-QC-10Press Ring Experiment
  • SYI-QC-11Impact Test